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1001 Knights Anthology - Volume I


‘Courage’ is the first volume of the 3-book, full-color ‘people-positive’ anthology featuring the collective work of over five hundred artists, lovingly assembled and edited by Annie Stoll and Kevin Stanton.

Each book includes comics, illustrations and short stories eponymous with their theme, as well as bios about every contributor involved. I designed two pages of hand-lettering to the first volume, each relating to courage and a small self-portrait in the back.

*Please note:: Each book will ship solo through USPS media mail, but being a heavier book this means the fee will be higher than my usual rate! As a bonus, I’ll include a few mystery prints and stickers from other 1001 artists with every book until these sell out, plus a few stickers from me!

Learn more about the series here through their main page, ( onethousandandoneknights.com ) or through #1001Knights and #1001Knightsanthology on other platforms ⚔